Tradesman's ute specification


We at Uptrack have been providing quality cabling equipment in Australia for hire. Knowledge of proper handling of cables is imperative to ensure that the cables serve their purpose for long periods of time without any problems. We bring in our expertise to benefit our clients so that the storage, installation and transportation of cables is handled in a hassle free manner.

The tension in the wire, the way the cable is bent or the way the cable is mounted on the winch all play a crucial role in determining the performance and durability of the cable. The cable should be placed on a jack or winch before use with great care. This allows for the easy turning out of the reel which in turn will make it possible for the paying out of the cable without any hindrance. A minimum distance of twenty feet has to be there between the pay off reel to the take up reel has to be maintained so that the cable is straightened out before being placed on the other reel. A balance of cable tension has to found while handling the cables. Excessive tension on the cable can lead to a lot of problems and may cause lot of performance failures. When the cable is damaged it puts the performance of the product at jeopardy and may trigger premature failures. When you use the proper cable hauling equipment then you can transport the cable without any damage.

The contractors or operators are reluctant to invest in specialized equipment that can be useful for proper installation of the cables. They can avail the services offered at Uptrack and hire this special purpose cable handling equipment that makes hauling the cables an easy job.

The Capstan winch and tradesman’s UTE combo can be controlled by a single operator. The instructions needed to operate the equipment are provided along with the equipment. These tools are fully risk assessed. The trailer provided is a customized one. The heavy duty wheels, piston pump and planetary gear box are some of the features of the winch. There is also provision to alter the tilt from horizontal to vertical. A dash mounted joy stick or a remote control foot treadle are provided for the forward and reverse rotation of the Capstan. Standard removable operator guarding is also given.

The trailer comes along with a tool box and a tow ball connector. Outriggers are fitted to the trailer as a standard. 8’ x 5’ heavy duty tandem is also included.

As part of the fully equipped UTE, specifications include a Toyota Hilux 4x4 SR 3.0 litre diesel manual extra cab. Manual transmission, air conditioning, steel bull bar, heavy duty tow bar and weather shields are some of the other features of the UTE.

You can contact us for more information regarding specialized cable handling equipment in Australia by dialing 0437 730 872. Our friendly team members will be happy to assist you in hiring the tools that you need for the smooth handling of cables without the expense of buying them.

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