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Uptrack can provide a crane truck rental in Australia to facilitate the easy transportation of the reels. We have been assisting our clients by not only providing crane trucks for hire but also other specialized equipment that can make the transportation, storage and installation of the cables manageable without damage to the cable. The equipment that you hire from us is fully risk assessed and comes with the instruction manual for ease of operation. We are focused on assisting our clients by providing special purpose equipment and services at competitive prices to ensure that they can handle all their cable management issues in a hassle free manner.

It has been proven that improper handling of cables can reduce the durability of the cable and can cause premature failure of the product. When it comes to handling of cables the first thing that has to be established is the type of reel that is being used for cable storage and transportation. Typically the reels used to store cables are made of steel and are designed to handle heavy cable loads at any one time. The most commonly used reel is most effective for one time use only. As these reels have been not been designed to handle excessive and continuous handling heavier and reinforced reels are provided upon request to handle continuous storage and transportation.

When moving cable reels specific precautions have to be taken to ensure that the cable is not damaged. It is strongly advised that the reels should not be placed horizontally while holding the cable and also it should be placed in such a way that it rests on both the flanges. When stored on reels the cables should be kept away from sun exposure. For the most part, cables have to be stored underneath a cover which is wrapped loosely around the reel. It is advisable to use cranes or forklifts during transportation. Usually the contractors or operators are reluctant to invest in the heavy duty special equipment needed for the smooth transportation of the material. They can avail our crane truck rental services to move reels without any damage to the cables.

The crane truck that you can hire from us has an excellent power to weight ratio. It allows for long reach and high flexibility even in narrow spaces. HMF 1300-K2 series crane is provided with load moment of 11.7 tm. A slewing torque of 14.6kNm with a slewing angle of 400 degrees and working pressure of 300 bar are the other specifications of the crane.

You can get in touch with out well trained and friendly team members by calling 0437 730 872. You can also fill in the enquiry form available on our website to know details about hiring the special purpose tools that can be of great use to you for handling and transporting the cables. Uptrack is a one stop shop if you are looking for a crane truck hire in Australia.

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